Our glossary of terms will help you get the most from your product manual. 


AMPS Workload – determined as up to the maximum amps.
Anchor Rode – the line that secures the anchor to the vessel, consisting of either rope, chain, or a combination of rope and chain.

Automatic Free Fall – windlass releases automatic clutch by means of a remote switch for rapid deployment. No user interaction.

Bridle – chain stopper/compressor, devils claw. Located between the winch and bow roller. Secures chain and takes load off the winch/windlass.

Capstan  drum, rope drum. The capstan is used for hauling rope.
Displacement – the amount of water displaced by a floating vessel, usually measured in tonnes.

Fixed Drive – direct couple from transmission to gypsy/capstan.

Free Fall – release of clutch manually releases the chain to freefall.

Gypsy, Chain Gypsy, Wildcat, Chain Wheel – a special wheel with pockets to suit chain and or rope for hauling up the anchor and anchor rode.

Hauling – weighing, lifting. The operation of lifting anchor, rope or chain.

Howser – chain pipe that anchor rode feeds through into locker.

Horizontal Windlass/Winch – Drive shaft, capstan and gypsy are located horizontally to the deck.

Inline Drive – powerful and efficient integrated gearbox and motor.

Manual Operation System (MOS) – handle fits directly into gypsy by removing the capstan or clutch top.

Manual Override System (MORS) – handle fits into windlass top and overrides the transmission and ratchet drive system. Power backup can be used.

Maximum Load – the maximum operating load that could be applied to the windlass, but the load the winch would normally be subjected to is substantially less.

Maximum Line Speed – the maximum speed at which the anchor rode could be retrieved.
Ratchet Drive – indirect couple from transmission to gypsy/capstan via a ratchet cone. This allows for normal powered operation and manual operation where some power is available.

RCMS – Rope Chain Management System – refer to Accessories for further information.

Vertical Windlass/Winch – drive shaft, capstan and gypsy are located vertically to the deck.

Workload – typical lift. Usually up to 25 percent of the Maximum Load.


  • DC Direct Current

  • AC Alternating Current

  • HYD Hydraulic

  • gal Gallons (US)

  • lt Litres

  • Mpa Megapascal

  • PSI Pounds per square inch

  • lb Pound

  • kg Kilogram

  • Min Minute

  • m Metre

  • mm Millimetre

  • ” Inch

  • ‘ / ft Feet