Muir capstans provide reliable and heavy duty operation for mooring and docking. Usually located on the aft deck and amidships to assist in the mooring or docking of the yacht, they can be operated by remote control or foot switches for hands free operation. Capstans can be supplied with inline or 90° gear drives in hydraulic or electric power for the most compact installation. Capstans can be serviced with the deck plate intact from top and bottom side. Capstan selection should be considered with warping line sizes and flexibility of warp.



    • Machined finish option available


    Standard features:
    • Reversible motor
    • Easy servicing: disassemble from top and bottom without disturbing deck plate fastenings
    • Chromed bronze or 316L polished stainless steel
    • Knurled capstan for extra line grip
    • Large capstan drums for increased line hold
    • Stainless steel drive shaft
    • Gearbox can be rotated to fit confined space below deck
    • Heavy duty totally sealed high efficiency in line or right angle planetary drive gears on medium to larger models