Welcome on board Steve Hudson

Steve joins Muir in the role of New South Wales & Victorian Sales Manager.

With more than 30 years Marine industry experience and a background in engineering sales, Steve approaches each challenge with an eye for detail, customer focus and enthusiasm. Originally from rural NSW with a background in the metal’s trades. This career background was applied to working with marine equipment, before moving on to ship maintenance and building boats.

Being service driven resulted in Steve moving to a sales career where he’s enjoyed successes with local and national projects in the Marine and Industrial sector.

Steve’s ethos is to be always considerate of what others are looking to achieve. He has the “If it’s worth doing, do it right” attitude to most things. Steve’s work in many ways is his vocation and he enjoys being out on the water either sailing or fishing, occasionally interrupted by long motorcycle trips out of the city.

Steve will be based in our Sydney Office & Warehouse in Manly Vale and can be contacted on 0418 233 467

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