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For safe and trouble free anchoring the correct Muir Windlass or Winch is critical.  Download our comprehensive Guide to Windlass Selection, to help you choose the right piece of Muir equipment to suit your anchoring needs. 

The information provided is based on information for vessels operating in safe weather conditions, we do recommend that you contact your local Muir representative for further information on the best Muir system to suit your anchoring needs. If you will be undertaking extended offshore cruising in harsh conditions, or use your vessel in charter or commercial operations, we recommend you consider a larger Muir windlass model. 

Displacement, windage and anchoring conditions are factors to consider when selecting a Muir system and it is advisable to select a larger windlass and ground tackle if anchoring in exposed conditions. All systems assume the use of a chain stopper or chain snubber line to prevent load being placed on the windlass, when breaking loose the anchor.  As always, the Muir team is here to help, and looks forward to finding you the right piece of equipment to match your time on the water.